While preparing the Women’s Forum Brazil, we pitched  the idea to launch an initiative to showcase  inspiring women who had gone beyond their professional duties to lead in creating effective social, cultural, political or economic impact.

We named this initiative dedicated to women trailblazers: “Amazing Women,” in reference to an old television program produced exclusively for the internet JC Agid worked for  in 2000 (on the internet pioneer television network AmexTV.com).

Amazing Women was carried by WEFCOS to the Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Deauville, the Women’s Forum Mexico and Women’s Forum Mauritius.

  • Concept
  • Scouting for Amazing Women honorees in Brazil and Mexico
  • Business sponsorship development
  • Media Partnership (Abril | Claudia in Brazil & Grupo Expansion | Quien in Mexico)

Proposed by JC Agid | based on scouting and local recommendations:

  • Tia Dag, Founder, Casa do Zezinho (Brazil 2014)
  • Rosa Célia Pimentel, Founder and Director, Pro Criança Cardiaca (Brazil 2014)
  • Eufrosina Cruz, Political Activist and Rising Talent Mexico (Mexico 2016)
  • Pati Ruiz Corzo, Activist environmental and founder of Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (Mexico  2016)
  • Norma Bastidas, Activist and athlete (Global Meeting 2016 | Mexico 2017)
  • Pepita Serrano, President and founder of SIVAM (Mexico 2017)
  • Guadalupe García Alvarez, funder Mulyd CA (Mexico 2017)

Proposed by Jennifer Milliken | WEFCOS

  • Ana Paula Tongo, Commercial Executive Director, Bitável Tecnologia (Brazil 2014)
  • Marcelina Bautista Bautista (Mexico 2016)
  • Jill Farrant, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Cape Town, and L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science laureate (Mauritius 2016) 
  • Aisha Muhammed Oyebode, Founder and CEO, Murtala Muhammed Foundation, and Co-convener, Bring Back Our Girls Movement (Mauritius 2016) 
  • Amna Malik, entrepreneur, Politician and Activist; Founder and President, Center of Pakistan and International Relations (Mauritius 2016) 
  • Amani Yahya, Yemen’s first female rapper artist (Deauville 2016)

amazing women

Norma Bastidas | Activist and athlete (Global Meeting 2016 | Mexico 2017)
Rosa Célia Pimentel | Founder | Pro Criança Cardiaca (Brazil 2014)
Tia Dag, Founder | Founder | Casa do Zezinho (Brazil 2014)
Guadalupe García Alvarez | founder | Mulyd CA (Mexico 2017)
Pepita Serrano | President and founder | SIVAM (Mexico 2017)




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