Marion Naufal

Marion Naufal is a multimedia artist and a scenarist.
We started working together during lockdown on a series called, Not At Your Home With.
These interviews have also been published online and in French via Le Petit Journal, Click here.

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Live one the web a star is born

Donald Trump: ambushed or unmasked

Conversation with Leah Pisar

The Obstacle Race

Conversation With Olivier Cassegrain

TASTINGS' GUIDE to reinvent events

let the flower bloom

Conversation with Agnès de Villarson

The Immobile Voyage

Conversation with Eric Mourlot

Alexandra Morris, the woman who reinvented New York Parties

The Art of the Virus

Conversation with Olivia Tournay Flatto

Ramatuelle's Essential Festival

Conversation with Jacqueline Franjou

Marc Levy beyond the walls

The Artistic Mankind of

Mexican Artist Betsabée Romero

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