3rd Edition of Women in Africa focused on Engaging the World to Create a New African Paradigm

JUNE 25-26, 2019: WIA54 BOOTCAMP
June 27-28, 2019 : WIA SUMMIT

Marrakech, Morocco

The 3rd Annual Women in Africa Summit will be hosted under the high patronage of his Majesty King Mohammed VI in Marrakech, Morocco next June 27-29. Women in Africa will gather 500 global leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss how African women are engaging the world to create a new paradigm.

“The African narrative on trade, business development and leadership needs to change at a faster pace,” explainsWomen in Africa President Hafsat Abiola. “African women want to engage the world on their own terms to define new avenues of sustainable economic growth.”

What: 3rdEdition of Women in Africa annual Summit
When: June 27th– 28th, 2019
Where: Marrakech, Morocco (Beldi Country Club)
For whom: entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, politicians, activists, media, artists, NGOs
To attend, cover as media, participate as a delegate or sponsor: contacts per listed below


The 3rdedition of Women in Africa will work on enhancing the role of African women to develop international partnerships and strengthening existing ties.

“Along with the WIA54—an international non-for-profit three-day program held for 54 African woman entrepreneurs June 24-26 in Marrakech—the 3rdedition of Women in Africa is the debate and in-person main event of our platform dedicated to the economic development and mentoring of African women leaders with strong potential,” says Aude de Thuin, the founder of Women in Africa and of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society.

The program key features include discussions on the following topics:

  • Africa-Europe: Destinations Brussels. With a lesser financial dependency on Europe, Africa would be able to set a new tone for its business dealings with European nations through partnerships involving more African women leaders.
  • Africa-Asia: Beyond China. The exchange between women leaders from every country in Asia and Africa will help define how Africa and Asia can create new and diverse opportunities.
  • Africa-US: Crossing the Atlantic from Africa to America. WIA will identify the key elements to ensure that more American companies incorporate African products and services created by women entrepreneurs in their supply chains.
  • New Horizons for Women in Science. WIA will develop actions to create an inspiring environment for more African women to become scientists, engineers and doctors.
  • Sustainable development: The Female Solution for Sustainability. Women’s economic and political empowerment is essential to avoid a potential wave of 200 million refugees from Africa by 2050; so, more efforts and ideas are needed to implement practical solutions to strengthen the sustainability of Africa’s development.
  • From Sports to Business Leaders: Over the Hurdle. African women athletes have won records and medals around the world; they have thus honed the needed skills to become the economic and political leaders of tomorrow—yet how do they prepare for a new career and how do we engage more young girls
  • The New Ecosystem, the One Women Want.Since African women have paid a heavy price for the lack of it, they understand that building high-quality infrastructures across the continent goes hand in hand with their desire for empowerment and leadership. However, there are still obstacles to overcome before men take their vision seriously.

The annual Summit in Marrakech, Morocco, is the annual highlight of the Women in Africa initiative. In 2018, the 2ndWomen in Africa Summit gathered more than 500 women and men leaders, all committed to transforming Africa, from over 70 countries.

The ambition of Women in Africa is twofold, explains WIA Managing director Caroline Boudergue: “to unleash the potential of a new generation of African female leaders at all levels of civil and government responsibility, and to connect African and international women leaders in the pursuit of an innovative and inclusive Africa.”

Women in Africa will also propose: They Make Africa, an introduction to exceptional women from five different regions; Masterclassesto share know-how; Meet Withand Working Breakfaststo strengthen active networking; and the WIA Start-Up Exhibitionto discover Africa’s most promising women-owned or led start-ups.

Beyond Women in Africa, delegates are now members throughout the year of a dedicated and active digital club of networking, best practices and professional discussions.

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