I founded 37EAST in 2007 to assist clients in developing brand awareness, events, media placement, networks and revenues.

Thirty Seven East is a destination: the first building I walked and slept in when I first came to New York City. This is where I made friends who became family; people who have inspired me and allowed me to explore new territories and ideas.

Prior to launching Thirty Seven East, I was in charge of Media and Public Relations for the French Embassy’s Cultural Services in the United States and handled the promotion of French artists in New York, government members, and French executives. 

As a journalist, I worked as a foreign correspondent in New York for a French business radio, for newspapers and magazines, as well as for CBS News Productions and Amex TV in the United States. I actually started my career working for one of the first private television networks in France, La Cinq.

From law to journalism schools, studies have shaped a style dedicated to coordinating ideas, information, projects and people. In the United States, I attended the J-School at Columbia University in New York, a challenging and fascinating experience. Learning, meeting sources and working in a foreign language while wandering around remote neighborhoods in New York city searching for stories that no major media outlet was reporting on have become a staple for Thirty Seven East.

My passion for the world of information and communication had already led me to study and earn the Diploma of L’Institut Français de Presse In Paris. Before joining the world of media, I studied Business and Tax Law and graduated with a master’s degree from Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas.

In 2000, I co-authored French chef Alain Ducasse’s book on the best food products in America: Harvesting Excellence (Assouline).

WITH PHOTOGRAPHER AXEL ICARD (Right) REPORTING FOR the book Harvesting Excellence

I also directed with French journalist and producer Véronique Barbey one of the rare films on pianist Shura Cherkassky, considered “the last romantic,” when the maestro visited for the last time his birth city of Odessa, Ukraine, in 1995. This “imperfect” document was made for the pianist and his friends; it is now available on youtube | and through this website.

FILMING IN UKRAINE FOR the film Shura in Odessa

I was born in France and have lived in New York City since 2000.

I am a trustee on the Advisory Board of the American Friends of the Paris Opera and Ballet. 

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