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For the 3rd edition of Women’s Forum Brazil, we decided to innovate: a new staging in the center of the room to create a more inclusive experience for delegates and a new initiative called Amazing Women.

As in 2013, the CEO of WEFCOS Jacqueline Franjou asked 37EAST to manage the development of the third edition of Women’s Forum Brazil. As such, we kept working directly with MSL Brasil with the program director, Jennifer Milliken and with operational director Magali Marrannes.

We were responsible for developing the budget, overseeing the local media, and coordinating the teams.

We kept developing CEO Champions, and with Jennifer Milliken and McKinsey Brazil, we organized a special session between the second and third edition. A new selection of Rising Talents was announced, and we kept the workshops and parallel sessions.

The official foreign delegation came from Colombia. One of the challenges was to bring leaders from throughout South America. 

As a result: 600 delegates attended the 2014 Women’s Forum Brazil, including 97 speakers. Thirty six corporations, organizations and media partnered with the conference, and 21 countries were represented.

  • coordination of the team;
  • development of a budget with active sponsors -corporate, non-for-profit, and media;
  • positioning the brand in media and social media;
  • developing story ideas about the topics and attendees of the conference;
  • scouting for delegates and creating a community of leaders involved into the conference;
  • Coordinating the initiatives CEO Champions and Rising Talents in Brazil;
  • Coordinating the delegation of leaders from Colombia;
  • Press releases
  • Launch of Amazing Women

37EAST was instrumental in confirming, among others, the partnerships with:

  • Avon
  • Bloomberg
  • Boeing
  • Editora Abril
  • Empreendedorismo Rosa
  • KPMG
  • Havaianas
  • IBGC
  • I Live 2 Lead
  • Instituto Avon
  • McKinsey & Company
  • PwC Brasil
  • Schneider Electric
  • Sodexo | Puras
  • Rede Mulher Empreendedora
  • TAM
  • Unimed
  • White Martins
  • World Bank Group
  • Women Corporate Directors
  • 2 Get Consulting

Nothing would be possible without the dedication and commitment of a team, the WEFCOS team led by Jacqueline Franjou – and specially present in Brazil:


  • Jacqueline Franjou, CEO of WEFCOS
  • Jennifer Milliken, Program Director
  • Magali Marrannes, coordinator the Women’s Forum Brazil 2013
  • Hugo Capdevielle, Delegates and Colombian delegation
  • Caroline Simon, PR and media
  • Julia Peters, PR
  • Gwendoline de Ganay
  • Paulo Andreoli, MSL Brasil
  • Maisa Rodrigues
  • Mário Araujo
  • Paloma Vega
  • Monica Rezende who designed and created special flower arrangements
  • and Thierry Guillot & all his Hyatt colleagues.A special thanks as well to the Paris-based Wefcos colleagues, specially François Alexandre Bertrand, Laetitia Colonna, Joanna Spiette, Stéphanie Shaw, Randall Koral, Nathalie Rault, Gwenaelle Morin,  and Gabriel de Gorostarzu. 

Agua Comunicacao Vital

There is no conference without a strong and fully committed local production company.

In Brazil, we worked with Agua Comunicacao Vital, led by Roberta Falci, whose engagement and passion for the development of Women’s Forum in Brazil made the difference. Berta and her team aimed for nothing less than excellence.

Based in Geneva, Jennifer Milliken has produced most of the programs for the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society.

I worked more closely with Jennifer on four conferences in Brazil and Mexico. Each time we tried to push our standards higher and experienced new formats of sessions. We looked for original speakers whose experience, talent and vision would bring positive and disruptive change to the conversations.

Here is to learn more about Jennifer Milliken (from her website):

I help organizations to deliver events that connect people and invite them to discover and engage.  I craft purposeful programs for businesses and the non-profit sector. My approach is content-driven and participatory, including audience interaction and solutions-centered programming.

I also showcase senior leaders and top executives and produce exceptional storytelling speakers.

Jennifer Milliken, Program Director | Women’s Forum Mexico


Women's forum brazil report | produced by wefcos


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